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EJ Randolph and Kate Rauner live and write in the mountains of southwest New Mexico, USA.

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Most days you can find EJ pounding out a few pages on her computer and hoping for sun so her solar array will pour amps into the electrical system’s batteries.

Her background in history informs her writing, giving her a grounding in the way life works, how chains of causes and effects operate. For her science fiction series, Federation Diplomat Stories, she draws upon her many classes and readings in military and diplomatic history.

Visit EJ at her website.

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Kate’s house is a bit closer to pavement, and in addition to writing science fiction and science-inspired poetry, she’s a volunteer firefighter, engineer, and Cold War warrior (honestly, that’s what the USA Congress calls Americans who worked with plutonium. Kate’s held plutonium in her hands and not many people can say that.)

Kate has loved science all her life and enjoys putting real science into her stories along with imagination. She’s well on her way to her life goal: to become an eccentric old woman.

Visit Kate at her website.

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