Super realism mixed with fantasy -Extreme Medical Services by Jamie Davis

E J says…

If you are intrigued by an accurate and detailed medical procedural focused on paranormals, you will enjoy this book. The author is a retired paramedic and a nationally recognized educator for emergency response. To me this was the main attraction. If I paid attention, I’d actually learn something. While the paranormals have their own medical peculiarities, they are still human. The treatment they require is often the same as what a human would need, but sometimes their paranormal type determines what care they must receive. For example, what would medical diagnostics look like for a vampire? Consider the heart functions.

The main character is a recent graduate of an EMS program. He is assigned to the unusuals, something he’d never even heard of before. He learns all kinds of paranormals live among humans, but most people never know of the existence of these far from normal beings.

Paranormals need medical care just like normal humans. Starting with the main character’s first night on the job, he is thrown into the midst of the paranormals and tries to do his best. He is shaken by some of his experiences. To his shock, his best research sources are old myths.

Most of the first book is a set up to the series. The whole series is available, which is good because the first book was just getting going on the plot when it ended.

I listened to the audio book.

The first book is available on Amazon at (4/6/19) and the whole series is available at (4/6/19)

Tags: book review, book recommendation, paranormal, medical procedural, paramedic

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