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In Your Mars Colony, What Will You Eat? Try This at Home!

What would you take on a one-way journey to Mars?

You’d bring enough dried, compressed, packaged food to survive for a while, but living on Mars means growing your own. What will you do for protein and fat?

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I give settlers mealworms in my Mars colony series. They deserve something conforting as they deal with strange illness and deadly accidents on the hostile planet.
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Insects – there’s an idea. Easy to transport on a spaceship – the eggs can probably be frozen. There are many places on Earth where people already enjoy insects, so why not on Mars?

Even on Earth, some people question the sense of raising large animals for food. There will be no cattle, pigs, or chickens on Mars – think of the mess on the spaceship to transport them! Not to mention having to grow hay or corn to feed them before they become food for people.

How about mealworms? The name says it all. Just share your potato crop with them.

Here’s a recipe you can try at home:
Collect mealworms (Darkling beetle larvae) in a container with a breathable lid. Add parsley or other herb to the container – as they eat the herb, it flavors them – so I’m told. Small limp worms can be fed to the fish your colony also grows for food.

~ After two days, remove all food so the worms can – yuck – purge anything nasty from their bodies. Remove any dead worms. Feed those to the fish, too.

~ Humanely dispatch your worms by freezing them for two days.

Boil the frozen worms for 3 minutes. Drain and pat dry. Recycle the used water in your garden.

Toast worms in a pan over low heat until golden brown. Or stir fry with whatever else is in your garden. Bok Choy and peppers, maybe? Let’s hope you brought microbes engineered to produce cooking oil. There’s a lot to think about before you go to Mars. Serve warm.

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Thanks to groundtoground for my recipe’s inspiration

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