Here Comes The Season For Reading – Curl Up With a Colony on Mars

Do you shop on-line or stand in lines? Don’t waste time when you and your friends could be reading.

Kate says… join me on Mars. Start your journey in a near-future colony and read on through generations.

“The technology was believable, but the people were real.” JSClark7

“Good mix of ultra-realistic science and technology with engaging characters & plot twists.” jds

“Captivating and believable … incredible imagination and attention to detail. I just couldn’t put it down!” S. Fry

The complete series is available at Amazon (11/29/2019)

science ficiton ebook covers - Colony on Mars by Kate Rauner

Also available in a value priced box set. See you on Mars.

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Box Set also available from Amazon (11/29/2019)

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