When demons are after you -Reaper Academy by Jasmine Walt and Emily Goodwin

E J says…

Addison Blake doesn’t fit in. She sees and talks to ghosts. On her way home from school, a demon attacks her ghost best friend. (Yeah, that’s so sad when your best friend is a ghost.) A young fellow with a sword pops into reality. He misses the demon’s head and the demon knocks him down. Addison picks up his sword and removes the demon’s head.

The next day, an older professor type appears and tells Addison she must attend reaper school. Two demons appear. The professor hands her a sword, and she womps their heads off. The professor tells her she must attend the school because the demons will keep coming for her, so her only hope of keeping her soul is to attend the school.

The only drawback—she must die first.

Not really that much of a choice. If the demons get her first, and she has no fancy sword, she will be destroyed. At least as a reaper, she has a fighting chance.

At the reaper academy, she makes friends. Then they start disappearing. She is determined to find out who is behind it. She does, but at the end, everything is up in the air. What does she do about the knowledge? Book 2 won’t be out until April.

Light, fun read. Young Adult. Reaper Academy, book review, book recommendation, reaper

Check it out on Amazon at https://amzn.to/2DJH2Ic

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Tags: paranormal, reaper, demons, reaper academy, book review, book recommendation, mystery, YA

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