Be wary of big dogs you find in alleys -Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy

E J says…

Marty Andrews is a make-up rep selling door to door. She is doing well. Through a mishap involving her pint-sized poodle, a werewolf bites her, turning her into a werewolf. She takes a while to believe it, but when she grows a bit of a tail, well, she has to face the truth.

This is certainly a light treatment. Lots of sarcasm. Humor. A mystery. Romance.

I appreciate how the author makes the main character believably reject the whole notion and consider the werewolf in his human form as a good-looking nut job.

In this world, werewolves don’t go around biting humans, so a formerly human werewolf is regarded with suspicion in the werewolf community. But this is now her community, and she works hard to fit in.

I listened to this as an Audible Escape book.

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Tags: werewolf, paranormal, humor, mystery, romance, book review, book recommendation

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