Damned if I do by Erin Hayes

E J says…

Dark. Dark, Dark.

The main character is the official vampire hunter. Not of the well-behaved blood suckers. No, the ones that are killing humans.

One has already killed her sister. Now, there are only two vampire hunters left, and one is her three-year old niece. It’s an inherited position. The main character can’t get out of it. Her life has narrowed down to the bloody work she does. No romance is possible as long as her work consumes all her energy and time. No normal career is possible either.

When a chance to get out of the life presents itself, she jumps at the chance.

The story is a trilogy. Serious story threads are not finished at the end of book one.

I am so surprised at the intensity of the violence in so many fantasy books. The killing is up close and personal. On a spaceship, you can beam your opponent. Sure everyone onboard may die, but for the most part, the reader doesn’t have to see it in gory detail. With magic, the practitioner deliberately kills each enemy. You see the blood and hear the shrieks of the dying. Sometimes, it’s a bit much. The word fantasy sounds nice and fluffy, but these urban fantasies are anything but.

I listened to this on Audible Escape.

Check it out on Amazon https://amzn.to/382wiTh

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Tags: paranormal, vampires, vampire hunter, book review, book recommendation, urban fantasy

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