Interstellar Diplomacy

Trouble brewing between peoples or planets? Enter interstellar diplomats. When a story features a diplomat, you can expect that socio/political matters loom large. A classic example is the sauve Retief in the Keith Laumer yarns. Who can forget the expressions and modalities by numbers and combinations so beloved by this diplomat and his boss, the ambassador? Available at Amazon (1/6/19)

C J Cherryh writes about a quiet, serious diplomat in her lengthy, convoluted Foreigner series. A more recent diplomat is to be found in the Federation Diplomat Stories by E J Randolph. Her diplomat, Kate Stevens, faces new problems on different planets in each book. Randolph’s background in diplomatic history gives her a unique perspective on the forces at work in diplomatic situations no matter the year or place. Grab the first book in the series at Amazon (1/6/19)

Tags: Space Opera, Military Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Female lead, AI, Team, Insurgency, War, Diplomat, Diplomacy, Colonization, Young Adult

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