Short Stories

Binti scifi novella book cover

Binti is a wonderful and surprising novella. Okorafar takes us inside real and imagined societies and through first contact with a strange (not anthropomorphic – hurray!) alien species, but the story centers on a real life human society that will seem alien to most Anglo readers.

Binti’s enigmatic relationship with her own culture – honoring her heritage while moving far beyond to attend an interstellar university – is beautifully evoked and Okorafor is not afraid to interrupt action with beguiling descriptions. This book proves science fiction is a lot more than most people imagine.

Available on Amazon at 1/12/19

Short reads add fun to your busy day. Read these stories of science fiction and fantasy today.

Dragon Bones: Two brothers find misery in California’s Gold Rush until a Chinese doctor promises them riches. They should have asked, at what price?

Two Fantastic Tales:
– A trio of physics students find that theory is safer than practice, and
– A lonely woman on a deadly mission receives a second chance, if she can seize it before it’s too late.

Three Fantastic Tales:
– Burritos and his daughter’s birthday party interrupt a computer developer’s Artificial Intelligence project, but he’ll never succeed without them.
– A painter ensnared in his master’s Renaissance studio discovers a deadly escape.
– For this micro spaceship, one of hundreds crossing interstellar space in search of life, sacrifice is part of the mission.

Available on Amazon at (8/8/2019)

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